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HOLA! possibly related posts

  1. What is this on my dashboard?

    HOLA! I am blown away. This fantastic innovation needs some fine tuning to narrow the field but I'm already digging it BIGTIME. To whom do I send feedback?

  2. Why do you like it? I already dislike it a lot. Maybe I am missing some great use for this? Something that I should appreciate? It says it contains posts about the same things I am blogging about - but a quick sampling shows they are not. And it's in my dashboard... I can go to the tags if I want to see related posts. I'd like it to be in a less prominent spot - like the far top right where I don't have to see it if I don't want to.

  3. patriotsfanblog

    its inbetween dashboard an blog stats, it should be moved to the very end.

  4. The thing I like most about it the concept. Now if we can just custom tailor it so it really does include only posts on the topics I'm writing about I'll be happy. Right now it does not do that. This is why I asked: who do I send my feedback to?
    If it proves that it cannot be narrowed down appropriately then I'll want to give it the boot. But it's my experience that good ideas need instant feedback after they are introduced so the actually become useful and that's why I posted.
    What do you think about keeping count of how many posts listed are actually related to what we ourselves post?
    Also what do you think of asking for only 5 "possibly related posts" to be reflected?
    And as patriotsfan said I also would like the button moved way over to the far right.

  5. The concept is mildly interesting; but the execution is terrible thus far. None of the supposed posts are actually related to mine. The posts are often repeated once or twice.

    It's not beta; it's alpha.

  6. Babbler - in the release post Matt has mentioned:

    Update: Whoops! There was a typo in the original “push” of this feature that caused the posts to not be related at all. They were completely random. Please try out the feature again if you had a bad experience the first time

    So you might find it's better now. As it's using the tag system to find related posts, it's entirely up to the blogger that tags their posts to use them correctly. It's never going to be perfect, but it's better than nothing. ;)


  7. I'd favour having it moved. I am WAY, WAY more interested in my stats than I am in potentially related posts. Can we move it to the far left?

  8. Oops, sorry. Far RIGHT I meant.

  9. *sigh* there is now a second thread going on the same subject

    What's more it's alpha and not beta. YIKES!

    In my environmental/political blog I want to see only the 5 most recent directly related posts. In my personal/spiritual blog I want to see only the 5 most recent directly related posts.
    What I'm getting is a dog's brakfast of unrelated posts that criss-cross and are duplicated on both of my blogs. YUCK!

    If I continue to get a dog's breakfast like I'm getting now this will become the least used button on my dashboard and the one I want most to be removed.

  10. The typo that was causing the posts to be unrelated is fixed, this is true. So I didn't come across the vulgar ones I did yesterday. The trouble is the posts are still just as unrelated to what I'm blgging about. I'm still getting "related" posts in what looks like Russian, and even one in Arabic! and lots about pets - why I do not know. I really don't see the point of this addition, particularly when I can go to Tags and get the same thing. Or even next blog. And I just wish it was in a less obvious spot if it has to be on my Dashboard at all. There is a thread about the release on the Froum front page and I'm not the only one who feels this way.

  11. Feedback on Unrelated Posts

    These are my tags: Current Issues, Connecting, Environmentalism, Global Warming, Wildlife and Conservation, Islands Trust, Agriculture, water, Energy issues

    So I'm wondering how on earth could my tags produce "possibly related posts" on, for example
    (1) a thrilling day of cricket
    (2) the Boston Red Sox
    (3) collective cutting chai of the Indian blogosphere on who is the top Indian blogger
    (4) Globalysis Issues Forecast of Macau’s 2007 Gross Casino Gaming Revenue
    (5) Wonderful Pictures - because life is good!
    (6) a post written in Spanish?

    I speak only one language English. I am kick ass physically fit and I can make 20 year olds in my aerobics classes beg for mercy. But I absolutely hate, loathe and despise ALL team sports and gambling.

    Initially I thought the concept was a good one. But now I'm now bordering on thinking that it wouldn't break my heart if this "related posts" button disappeared from my dashboard.

  12. I've enjoyed it. I've already found 2 blogs that are posting about politics that I think are pretty good.

  13. evolvingtrends

    This is the kind of application that would benefit greatly from "SEARCH BY MEANING" as opposed to search by keyword.

    So I found a gazillion posts on 'society' none of which are about technology's effect on society and culture, which is what my posts are about ..

  14. I concur with what you are saying. I have yet to find a single reference to a directly related blog that I'm even interested in visiting at all. This is in contrast to some that made me exclaim EEEUUOOWW! But is it possible to program the "meaning" to be searched for?

  15. I like the idea in the other thread (I think) about weighting the results based on how many times you use a particular tag or how recently it was used (and both of the two).

    To get the meaning, it would probably do well to come up with a way to see which tags are used at the same time more often than not. That brings some context to what is meant by the tag "society" than just that tag itself. Also, this may be a use for using metadata about tags. Each of our categories/tags has an optional decription field. It's difficult to program for, but there's as good a place for a definition as any.

  16. I'd still like to see the button moved over. I am ALL OVER my Stats button, but god knows when I'll use this thing. I want it out of the way, perhaps down in the middle of the dashboard.

  17. @raincoaster
    If your so hyped on stats then why don't you get a free site meter?

  18. Menu items will move often, it's not the end of the world.

  19. I don't get sitemeter because it involves HTML and I'm very NOT about the HTML. The only thing I want that WordPress doesn't give me right now is IPs, and I can't get them for free from sitemeter either.

  20. Wow...amazing...stunning --unique things you all are blogging on...all your views are so different --from mine.
    a.) I found people/blogs posting on Same general topic of mine, US politics/
    intellectual outrage, facts, current events --yet different viewpoints. I even posted comment on one of them.

    b.) 'Off Topic': NONE

    c.) WHY does it matter: position of the Button / that there IS a button? If it doesn't suit/appeal: can't you ignore it? Personally: I'm NOT going to click on "Next Blog" --I don't have Clue One what it will be about (--and I recall someone protesting that doing that got them a porn site --without heads-up warning); I'm not looking to fill up time --with whatever flotsam.... Yet clicking on 'related to your topic' Button is WAY useful. But then:

    d.) I would not spend time putting tags in *SEARCH box, either... BUTTON --already did that, no? I don't have time to wander around.

    I saw blogs On-Topic that I would not have seen or looked for, the viewpoints are entirely different, which is broadening, useful. (Though, curiously, there were only Three BLOGS, with several posts....) If there are more than three On-Topic Blogs: we could, possibly, unite --cross-link, on certain a united front or become a related community.

  21. raincoaster, if they leave a comment, you can view IP numbers.

  22. Oh, I know that, but the vast majority of people visiting my blog don't leave comments. When I was at Diary-X I used to like running the IPs of the visitors to see where in the world they were coming from. Actually, I used to post lists of the places, and those were strangely popular posts, dunno why.

    Poppy, re c) it matters because it's interfering with the use of the Blog Stats button. It is in the way; imagine if you wanted to read a blog but where the link to the blog used to be there was now a link to some function that was NOT very useful, something occupying primo real estate in the layout that you'd never normally click on. I suggest we move the link to somewhere more in accordance with its popularity, like near "Top Blogs" in the page.

  23. I began this thread and my issues are resolved but my lengthy comment praising the "related tag surfer" changes I typed here just a little while ago disappeared. WEIRD - very weird. I'm assuming they were moved to the comments here and will be posted after moderation

  24. @rc if you want to see ip's you should really get sitemeter. I agree with you in that the majority of visitors don't leave comments. From seeing my SM stats I can see not only which countries they come from, but also the particular state, plus a lot more. I don't understand why the html is a problm for you, all you need to do is copy and paste the provided into a text box. You can only see up to a certain number of IPs with the free version (not enough for me).

    And as for the button which has been called tag surfer, I too wish it could be moved from where it is to somewhere else. It should be where "next blog" is in IMO. Whatever it is called now it is still intrusive in terms of how I use the area where it's placed.

  25. @britgirl et al
    My comment was removed from here and placed over here with a note saying it was being moderated. IMO this is an indication that we really ought to be commenting on the other thread rather than here.

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  27. h.o.s.t.i.l.i.t.y.

  28. Yeap, good job indeed!

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