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Home and About Page are identical - New Posts don't appear in Widget

  1. I assigned my about page to be the first page people see. I then created a new page for blog entries to appear on, which appeared to be the only option. Now I have three pages, Home, About, and the blog entries page, when I only wanted two. In addition, home and about are indentical. Finally, now that I've done this, new posts no longer show up in the "Recent Posts" widget. (I've removed it from the page because it's misleading.) The blog is at The theme is Regulus. I would like to get rid of the extra page (home) and have new posts appear in the widget as they are supposed to. Any help would be apprecited.

  2. The Home link is not actually a Page. You'll note that if you look at the link, it actually drops you back to the main or 'home' page of your blog which, in your case is the About Page. Since we are currentl unable to edit the themes, getting rid of the Home link is not an option I'm afraid. To do something like that, you would need to be hosting your own blog or using a paid service.

    Can't help you with the Recent Posts widget since you've removed it. The sidebars are cached so that might be what you are hitting there.

  3. Drmike - Thanks for your help.
    Are you saying that there is no "default" or home page in a blog until you make one? That's confusing to me, because I had a couple of posts in my blog (just tests to see how things worked) before I created the About page. When I tried to designate the About page as the main page, I got a message saying I needed to create a page to contain the blog posts -- even though I already had one. After deleting the test posts, I created another page and designated this new page as the one that would contain the blog posts. But I don't understand what happened to the page I was using when I put up the test posts. Is that not really a page? I know it never showed up in the list of pages on the Manage Pages Dashboard.

    I'll try putting the widget back and letting it sit for awhile to see what happens. If you get a chance, take a look at it. Thanks again.

  4. The home page of a blog is different that what you're probably used to say with like your library's site. When you view the URL of your blog, you've given the last 10 or so posts that you're made wrapped within your theme. Most static sites, the home page is usually a static page with links to other information within your site.

    Note, when you hover your mouse's cursor over the "Home" link, it just goes back to your main URL for your blog. If you hover over the "About" link, you get a actual link to a Page within your blog. When you have it set up to display a specific page like you do, it takes the place of your most recent Posts. Unfortunely the Page Displkay lists all of your Pages and there's no method of editing that list. Usually I suggest removing the Pages widget from one's sidebar and creating your own Text Widget with the link to your Pages leaving out the ones that you don't want but in this case, you're stuck with the display along the top.

    About the Recent Posts - Something is wrong there on your site. If you view your HTML source and do a search for "Recent Posts" you'll find where it's used. A trick I use here in the forums is that WordPress labels each of these widgets so we can tell them apart. You'll note that this one is labeled 'recent-posts' and we know that that one listed is not a Post but a Page.

    Something's up on that. I'll send in a feedback for you with a pointer to this thread.

  5. Widget problem - that'll get looked at as something funky seems to be going on.

    The Pages - the way pages are listed on that theme, it's the way it is I'm afraid. In a theme that does not use tabs it would be possible to use a text widget and manually enter the links.

  6. hello. i too have the same problem. I decided to use a static page as my home page, and since then the newly edited page is shown in the recent posts column, instead of showing the posts. can you help me?

  7. yossarian, I don't see the widget on your home page. I would suggest sending in a feedback though and letting one of the staff members take a look at it though although I see it's still mucked up on the library site. :(

  8. hello. I have the same problem as yossarian. I use a static page as my home page, and the recent post are not shown in the widget. However, they can be seen in Posts of Recent Activity in the Dashboard. Sorry, but I could not find where the source code of my page. Thank you very much for any hint in advance how I can make it work :)

  9. Yes, on that same problem! See - I want a default page, but I would also like to see recent posts updated. Any thoughts??

  10. It seems like this is a consistent problem. I know I'm still having it on Is there some way to find out if it's being looked at by the WordPress team? I don't want to hound them with additional feedback on the same issue. (I know it's already been reported by DRMike.)But it's a little frustrating not having any way of knowing if it's actually getting looked at. Just a little. Sorry for bitchin'.

  11. I'll send in a reminder feedback and I'll go ahead and make this into a Current Issue sticky as well.

  12. Email from Podz says the issue is in the queue for the developers.

  13. Worry not. I'm on it.

  14. It's fixed. Thanks for the report!

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