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    I have looked all over and cannot find my answer. I have no “Home” button on my blog. Therefore, when a visitor lands, for example, on my About page, the only way to go to the frontpage is by clicking on my logo at the top. Did I screw something up during set up?

    The blog I need help with is blog.sell-the-goose.com.



    You didn’t screw up anything. That’s the way that theme is designed. I think most people know to click the logo/header and a lot of themes that have a home tab also have a clickable header.

    You can use theme preview to find one that has a home tab if you prefer to have one.



    Thanks for your quick response. I was hoping that was not the case. My visitors tend to be older business owners who may not know to click the logo. There’s always the ‘back’ button.


    There are other solutions too – please paste the exact URL of your blog, or link your nickname to your blog.



    I’m sorry panaghiotsadam, I thought my signature links to the blog. Here it is:


    Thanks for your help!


    You can add a text widget and write a link to your blog in it. Or you can create a (blank) page and write a link to your front in its title box, this way:
    <a href="BLOG_URL_HERE">Home </a>


    (PS Sorry too, your nick does link to your blog – I was looking at several questions and confused yours with another one.)



    Your workaround worked perfectly. I added the blank page with your html in the title. It’s funny, I removed the space between ‘Home” and ‘<‘ and it did not work. So I added it back (IE: Home <), and presto it worked!

    Again thanks!

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