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"Home" button after every post

  1. Hi! I asked earlier if I could put a "top" button on my post and was told to add a link. I tried to do it but I don't know how. Can I have a step-by-step procedure?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Searching the support documents for "link in post" yields this as about the 5 th entry.

    The support documents are your friend.

  3. Thanks for the info. I'll give it try first thing in the morning!

  4. You be welcome

  5. Hi! The only thing I was able to do with the list you suggested was add "Home" to my blogroll. I prefer to have it after every post, but I can't seem to get it.

  6. You can't have a link between Posts or "after" a Post - you can add a link at the end of a Post - this link explains how to add a link inside a Post or Page.

  7. What you are looking for is here:

    Page jumps allow your user to jump anywhere on one entry--i.e., they are links to other places within a single page. The instructions include specific code for a link back to the top of the page.

  8. Yes, I think, page jumps, is what I'm looking for! Can I do it with my wordpress? It looks very technical for someone who is not very technical!!

  9. Page Jumps are generally for moving INSIDE a Post or Page. If you want to move to another Post or Page or the blog Home page then a plain link is much easier.

  10. Wow! Sorry for having such a hard time with this.
    Let say, a reader clicks into my blog, reads my home page but then decides to visit my older posts. They click here, there and everywhere and then they want to come back to my home page. They can use the column on the left to locate the home button but I wanted the Home button on all my blogs so they can easily come back!!! Is it done with the plain link you suggested because it's not working using the link on the link section.

  11. If a visitor clicks on "Nickie & Co" they will go to the home page.

    Many people (I have done this) - use a custom menu to have an entry called "Home" along with your "About" etc at the top of your site - visible from every Post and Page.

  12. Thank you very much for your patience. I will keep the "Home" button under my blogroll. Thanx a bunch!

  13. You be welcome & good luck

    If you get brave and want to think about a Custom Menu to put "Home" at the top of your blog here are the instructions:

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