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    This is my blog: http://dmguru.wordpress.com/
    I have a home page which is the first page reader will read when they visit my blog. I would like all the recent posts show up on my home page. How can I do that! I search others’ posts, however, it seems I can’t find any suggestion.

    Thank you for your help! Thanks again!



    Go to “Presentation” and below it are some tabs. Go to Widgets and look for ( at the bottom of the page) Avalibile Widgets. There should be a little box thing that says on it recent posts. drag it over to the sidebar and save.



    It’s not clear whether yours is a question about the Recent Posts widget or about the recent posts themselves.

    Unless you have changed the settings on your blog, all of your recent posts will automatically be posted on your front page immediately after publication. The place to confirm this is here -> Options -> Reading



    sorry to confuse you! I have already set up my home page as the front page. However, if you go to my blog, you can’t see any posts on my homepage even though I had 4 test posts. My question is how I can move all those recent posts to my homepage.
    Hope it is more clearer than before.
    Thank you so much!



    I have a counter-question. When I go to your blog’s Home page, http://dmguru.wordpress.com/home/ , I see no posts, although I do see recent posts listed in the sidebar. Have you by chance deleted any part of your blog? My suspicion, given the URL of your Home page, is that you’ve deleted the actual Blog page itself and tried to replace it with Home.

    Don’t do that.

    If you deleted something before, reinstate it. That will be your home page, actually. If you want it called “Home” you can tweak the names in the tabs most likely, although you may have to get the CSS upgrade to do it. On the page http://dmguru.wordpress.com/ which is actually your blog’s home page, I see the titles of the posts sequentially, as things should be.



    raincoaster, you are right! http://dmguru.wordpress.com/ is my homepage, however, what I want is when people click the home button on the navigation bar, they can also go to http://dmguru.wordpress.com where recent posts would be found. Is that possible? That’s the reason why I would like to add an home page.

    Thanks again!




    No, is not possible. The navigation bar is a menu with links to static pages (i.e. About, Contact, etc).

    The theme has its own ‘home’ link which is the title in the header: “Database Marketing Roundtable”. If people click on it, they’ll be taken to your… home page.




    Got it! Thank you so much!



    If you want to be more directive to readers, you can put in a text widget at the TOP of the sidebar with a link to your blog page, marked Home. Just a simple, “Start here to explore our blog” or something.

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