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  1. The subject says it all. In Customize I changed my home-page into "New Work". But I didn't like this page so I deleted this page in my Dashboard. But now, I don't have a homepage anymore and I can't get in the Customize-thing anymore! It doesn't load!
    Can somebody please help me?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. The real problem is that you can't get into the Dashboard->Appearances->Customize. I'll flag this for staff attention. In the mean time I suggest that you

    1. Try to access the Dashboard->Appearances->Customize options in a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc).
    2. If that doesn't work temporarily create a new page "New Work" that will look better than an error page until the issue is fixed.
  3. You don't need the customize-thing. See this post of mine:

  4. what a useful list of URLs justpi! I'll bookmark that

  5. yes! it worked. Thanks so much ! :)

  6. Thanks! I thought it would be good to make the post more useful to new users than just a reply to what to do if the customizer doesn't work.

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