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    Hello all,

    I recently changed my header to a new custom header. After doing so, I’ve noticed that the view from http://qtmama.wordpress.com displays very large font, the “links” from users commenting are no longer underlined in blue, the links to the post they are commenting on are no longer in blue, and the screen font is simply just large. I’ve not had this issue before, and I’m using the Contempt theme.

    Another interesting note, this does not happen for me when using Firefox. I’ve cleared my cache in IE, all cookies, all Internet history, pretty much everything and this is still loading this way.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!


    The blog I need help with is qtmama.wordpress.com.



    Oh, forgot to add, that when you actually click on the title of the blog post? All fonts go back to normal, and look how they <i>should</i> look.

    Thanks! :)


    It is the read more tag in the “Clue #2: For Those With A…” You have formatted it as “h3” font size and with the more tag, the ending “h3” font tag ends up being excluded from the main page which is what is breaking things. Never apply any type of formatting to a “read more” tag.

    Go into your post, switch to the HTML tab find the read more tag and remove the <h3> from before the read more tag, and then remove the </h3> from after it and then save the post.



    Oh my GOSH thank you SacredPath! I had no idea I did that, I’m only somewhat fluent in HTML!

    It’s totally back to normal, thank you again! :)


    You’re very welcome.

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