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    Hey there! I’ve been working on my blog with The Morning After theme, and I can’t seem to solve a problem. How do you make an entry appear in the home page when it’s not labeled as a “sticky post”. And the only way I can make them appear is by ticking all of them as sticky, and what I’m getting to is an infinite scrolling-down home page that I don’t really like. Does this actually have any way to solve?

    The blog I need help with is los35milimetros.com.



    Have you read Guide to the Morning After? I do think reading it will provide your answer.


    And please paste the URL of your blog when asking questions here. Or, better, make your username link to your blog (Users > Personal Settings: scroll down to Account Details, paste blog URL in the Website field, click Save Changes).


    I’m sorry. But I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Maybe it isn’t possible for the theme? I just want all of the entries to show up in the home page without having to mark any of them as sticky. Oh, and I’ve already pasted the blog URL in my member name. Thanks for the tip, but I’m new to this and I’m kind of lost. :/


    Well, that’s OK. I’ve managed to insert a recent entries widget in the home page which allows me to put there as many as I want (I’ve marked 100), which is not what I exactly wanted, but it will do for the moment. Thanks again.


    You’re welcome. If you want your blog front to display your actual latest posts, as it does in most themes, then TMA isn’t the right theme for you. As my guide explains, The TMA main page is designed to showcase your latest post only, plus a number of important posts, plus temporary “asides” (optional). So if you use TMA, you most definitely need the Recent Posts widget. But 100 Recent Posts is practically a contradiction in terms, it will become a ridiculously long column nobody will bother browsing through, and it will slow down the loading time of your blog (which is bad for you because it’s bad for visitors and search engines). You should set a reasonable number (reasonable means no more than 10), and add a different, more meaningful, way to direct your readers to more posts – most likely the Categories widget.


    Okay, yeah, I get you, but what I actually wanted was a way for people to be able to access to all of our entries, since our blog isn’t one where inmediacy is strictly important. If I use the Categories widget I don’t get a straight, direct look at the contents in the main page, which is why I don’t really like it for that. I will probably make the recent posts shorter than 100 entries, in order to make it as long as the other two columns in the main page. I think I’ll be fine with that, I really like TMA for our site, so I didn’t want to change it. And once again, thank you very much for the tips!


    You’re welcome. If you want an automatically created list of all your posts, create a new static page and use the archives shortcode:

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