Home page hard to find in "Fruit Shake" theme

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    I started this blog last month (my second with WordPress). I like the look of the “Fruit Shake” theme except for one thing: if you want to navigate to the home page from one of the other pages, it isn’t obvious how to do it. The home page doesn’t show up in the menu of pages. In fact, you click on the title of the blog at the top to get there, but nothing tells a visitor to do this. The blog I’ve had for three years, http://streamsandforests.wordpress.com, uses the “Regulus” theme, which shows the home page clearly as a tab to click on at the top, next to tabs for the other pages.

    The blog I need help with is jennybennett.net.


    P.S. The new blog is http://jennybennett.net. I thought I had clicked on the box for that one in submitting this query, but either I accidentally clicked on streamsandforests or the newer identity was overridden by the older.



    You can add a Home page link easily. Create a custom menu and when you do you will find there is a custom Home link you can add to it. http://en.support.wordpress.com/menus/


    Thank you.



    You’re welcome.

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