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Home page headline repeating as bodytext headline

  1. I have just started a blog which has two headlines, one under the other. I have written some introductory text to go under the headline but when I save that text, for some reason the second line of the main heading is duplicated as the heading to this text. I've tried everything to get rid of one without the other, but it seems I either have to have both or neither. Is there any way I can get rid of the heading to the text without losing half of the main headline? You can see what I mean at

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Donna,
    I'm sorry but we cannot "see" what you mean. We Volunteers don't have backend access to blogs. None of us can see what's in any "preview" only the creator of it ie. you can see it or Staff.

  3. Does that mean nobody can help me?

  4. If you post the content now, we will be able to see it and be in a better position to help you. And who knows, maybe the problem only shows up when you preview the post.

    Otherwise, as timethief suggested, you may have to contact staff directly.

  5. @Donna
    If you don't want to contact Staff then please post a screenshot and we'll try to help you >

    ~~ airodyssey :)

  6. I've done a screenshot. Pardon my ignorance but where do I post it? I don;t really understand it because if you go to the home page I've done the screenshot of comes up on screen anyway.

  7. It's the 'Fleet Street to Bleat Street' line. It appears twice.

  8. What shows up below the blog title is your top nav menu. The standard top nav menu displays the pages you have created. To prevent a page title from appearing there, you need to create a custom menu:

  9. Thank you for the advice but I am not able to make the custom menu work. I am not very computer literate and whilst I think I have managed to set up a custom menu , I am now finding I can't add anything to it. I now have 'Post Tags' and 'Theme Locations' showing to the left of the screen - and I don'+t know how they got there. I don't seem able to add anything else so have obviously done something stupid but I am worried I will mess the whole website up if I go ay further. I am finding the custom menu procedure very confusing so I think I will have to live with the double heading or change my template to one that perhaps doesn't default like this one. The problem is that I like the display of the Bueno template because I want two separate lines of headline. Thanks again anyway.

  10. That's bizarre. Somehow the second deck on the masthead has disappeared, which solves part of the problem because I haven't got the line doubling up over the body text any more. I'm sure I didn't make the change, so how on earth could it habe happened? It's not an ideal situation but better than the way it was before. So thanks to whoever did it!

  11. No, you did it, by activating a custom menu.
    What's the other part of the problem?

  12. ~~ waving to Panos
    I don't think Donna is clear on what pages, posts and custom menus are.

    I think you may not understand the differences between pages for static content that rarely if ever changes, and one single running page for your posts. In a blog our posts display in reverse chronological order on a single page and that page is usually the front page of the blog unless we change it to a static page.

    Please read this entry first >
    Then read this entry again >

    Normally the tabs to Pages for static content is what is displayed in the top horizontal menu. When we create a custom menu we can mix pages, categories, and random links in the top navigation instead of having theme display only tabs to static pages.

  13. Thank you again, Timethief and Co. You are being very patient but I think I am going to pass on this one. It is all too complex for my ageing brain! I am relatively happy with the situation now - but I could ask you 101 questions about other technical aspects I don't understand!

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