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    I have a “free blog” with wordpress.com. when I click on images in my blogs main page, the image just links to open another page of the image itself. Instead I am wanting it so when people click on an image in the main page, they will be taken to that blog post that the image is from, not just a random new window with the picture in it.
    I am working with the chateau theme, I have noticed when playing around with other themes that when clicking on images some DO and some DON’T seem to open that image into the blog post that its from.
    Is anyone able to help?

    (P.S note that my blog is full of weird pictures and a story about my cat being smelly…..thats all for mucking round with layout ect which will be deleted…Im not that crazy haha)

    The blog I need help with is thefairydustdiaries.com.



    Some themes allow yo to do this by setting a featured image to each post. A regularly inserted image isn’t supposed to link to the post – see here:
    If you want it to link to the post, you need to paste the URL of the post in the “Link URL” field of the image.

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