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Home page in the menu

  1. This is very simple...
    I have two pages in my blog, home and about.
    I am trying to get home to appear first in the menu, but I cannot get it to work.
    The way I tried was by setting the page number of the about page to 2.
    The problem is that I do not know how to access the home page to change its order number(when i go to my site, the home page automatically comes up, it just appears second in the menu)
    Any ideas?
    Blog url:

  2. siciliannabeauty

    perhaps that this order is the default way for the theme?

  3. is there a way to change it?

  4. siciliannabeauty

    Probably- Try looking in your themes CSS.

    Sorry! Not really sure.

  5. The Chunk theme is designed so the navigation tabs are listed from right to left rather than the usual left to right so keep that in mind when making your custom menu.
    To make your "Home" tab appear to the left you will have to put your blog URL into the custom link module and label it as "Home." Then add to menu and place it on the bottom of the list of tabs, ie under the "about" tab.

  6. Thanks!
    I did as you said and my problem is solved!

  7. You are welcome.

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