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    Ob my home oage, all I want is to have a message e.g.e welcome to this site blah blah. then i want another PAGE called posts where the posts will go. however, by going to dahsboard-options-reading, i dunno wat to do from there.

    i dont want the latest posts to go on the ‘home’ page and also, i wanna change the page order.



    Changing page order – regulus theme
    First look at both of my blogs in the regulus theme http:// timethief.wordpress.com and http://coyotes.wordpress.com. You will notice that the pages are *not* in alphabetical order, right? this is because I changed the order and here’s how to do that.

    Changing page order – regulus theme
    In the regulus theme if you click manage -> pages> select a page ->edit
    now look to the far right hand side
    do you see “Discussion +” ?
    good then look down the row
    the last one in the row there is “page order”
    click the + sign and type in the number you want
    – don’t forget to click “save” under the edit box
    if you don’t assign an order then the pages will appear in alphabetical order
    and “yes” you’ll have do do each and every page in this manner and not just one



    Changing the page where the posts go -> dashboard – > options -> reading options

    Take note of the choices you can make here and change them to suit yourself.



    i will try it now inshallah but i dont get the second one.


    coyote’s instructions will work on most themes, not just regulus.

    as far as the second question, you’ll want to go to Write > Page and create a new page for your posts to display on. you don’t need to write anything, just create it.

    the go to Options > Reading, and in the first section, choose front page displays: a static page
    choose the page you want for your front page, and choose the page you just created for the latest posts to show on.



    Okay so I have the original Home Page.

    I create a page called, let’s say ‘Blog’.

    Then for the first option what if I just want a welcome message? It’ll show it on the home page and another page. I don’;t want that, I just want it on the home page only.


    if you don’t want the page called ‘home’ (the one that shows when you first click on http://aishahdhorat.wordpress.com/), you might want to make it a subpage of ‘blog’. kind of convoluted, and not exactly what you want, but it’ll keep people from seeing the same thing too many times.



    okay thanks! will try it tomorrow insha’Allah and will updae you.

    may u be rewarded for helping!



    Yes it works! Kinda… thanks!



    I just want to post a wlcome message in the home page and this message should remain for ever, while next messages will appear in thr various categories.
    Is it possible?



    Step 1
    Create a “page” (a not post) entitled “welcome”.
    -> Dashboard -> Write -> Write page
    Compose you page contents and click “publish” to save when you are done.

    Step 2
    -> Dashboard -> Options – Reading -> Reading Options
    On this page you see:
    Front page displays:
    Your latest posts or
    A static page (select below)
    * Front page:(drop down menu – select “Welcome”)
    * Posts page:
    Click “update options” to save. VOILA!

    P.S. What do you mean by this: … “while next messages will appear in thr various categories”?

    Posts can be assigned to categories. Pages cannot. And there can be only one dynamic “posts” page that all your new posts are running on. All other pages sit outside this and cannot automatically update. The differences between pages and posts are in the FAQs blog http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/11/11/a-post-and-a-page/

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