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home page navigation versus other pages

  1. i've easily changed the color/design of my non-home pages but I can't figure out where to input changes for background and such to the home page. I did the changes to the other pages under: ul#nav li a

    (I haven't paid for css yet so it's not visible from my site at this time). what i've done is spaced all the pages evenly across (horizontally) and made a light blue bar for the background. the blue bar stops on the left, however, where the home page begins and remains white there. I can also change the text color of the home page and the size but when I put in the background code, it doesn't change. any advice please? thanks so much.

  2. Without anything to look at/check the source code of, it's kinda hard to figure out what is going awry there.

  3. yep, at the very least a screen-shot with clearly outlined areas where you'd want to change a BG color would be of help.

  4. i's difficult to explain...hehe.

    i'll try again.

    if you see my site now, there are little tabs at the top for navigating the pages. the 'home' one is white and the other three are navy colored. what i've done is created a slim horizontal pale blue bar that runs across the screen (directly under the weird science banner). i've easily done this under ul#nav li a.

    my problem is that this horizontal slim blue bar stops to the left where the 'about' part is. that stays white for the background.

    now if i go to ul#nav .current_page_item a .....and change the text color or style, it easily changes the 'about' word for that little section. yet, if i add in a background color change, nothing happens. does this make more sense at all?

  5. Ah, might it be related to the Regulus theme's ability to change colors? In the source of your front page I see both a style.css and a switch.css loaded. You have it set to 'white', which is used as a class for every element on the page. Elements with that class have their default style as set in style.css superseded by the 'white' style from switch.css.

  6. ack..I don't quite understand. :I

  7. ".white ul#nav li.current_page_item a" (in switch.css) is more specific than "ul#nav .current_page_item a" (in style.css), which means that any background and border color you specify for "ul#nav .current_page_item a" will be ignored. You'll have to use ".white ul#nav li.current_page_item a".

  8. you madame, are a genius

    I seriously can't thank you worked instantly and brilliant..yay. :) i'm sloooowly getting there with regards to sorting out the css thing.

  9. Remember CSS stands for Cascading etc. The rule starts at the top and goes downwards.

  10. atthe404:'s not something I do remember so this will help..i'm slowly getting there though..I truly am a computer dunce but i've managed to sort out quite a few things so far..which is ace. this topic thread, however, was a tough one for me..I had spent far too much time on what is a simple thing (i.e. google searches..etc).

  11. Cascading and inheritance which can be platform dependant takes a bit of getting used to.

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