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Home page not found.

  1. Hello, I've recently created my blog BORROWED & BLUE AT and I've just checked the site and the home page has disappeared for no apparent reason. I've posted three recent blog entries that earlier today were displaying on the home page, but now it's redirecting to Page not Found. Can you restore?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I can see thse posts on your front page of your blog using Firefox 11:
    We’re having a beautiful baby girl!
    Hot off the press!
    Finally Here! And this could mean some Free stuff for you!

    Have you tried clearing your browser cache and cookies?
    Is your browser version up to date? Are you sure you are running the latest stable version and not a buggy BETA version? You can upgrade any browser version here.

  3. Hi, thanks for the reply...but I've tried all of your suggestions. the link to clear cache didn't send me anywhere, so I manual deleted all cookies. My browser Safari is up to date - 5.1.4 (latest from that site). Do you have a safari browser you can test? Mine is still showing a Page Not found error...

  4. This is the link its redirecting to:

  5. I've cleared the cache and now it appears to be working. I'm not sure why all of a sudden it started redirecting ? thanks

  6. Hi there,
    Thanks for letting us know this has been resolved. Best wishes with your blog.

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