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    I cannot edit my home page. I only have two pages but only one “About” shows up in the pages link from the dashboard. The home page appears on the website but I am not able to edit it.
    Blog url: http://therestdotme.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is therest.me.


    Your home page is the page that collects all your posts. You write and edit your Posts from your dashboard under Posts. See this support document for more clarification.



    Thank you for the response but I should be able to customize the “Home” page like I can on other pages. When I go to pages it should show ALL my pages (which is only two at this point), “Home” and “About” but it only shows “About”. From pages I can EDIT “About” but I can’t edit “Home” because it does not even show up. Pages says I only have one page when I really have two.


    The appearance of Home and About on your menu does not equal both being considered “Pages” in wordpress terms. As you can see from your dashboard, of those two when you start out, only About is a “page” and the default Home is the collection of your “posts”. If you will got to Posts on your dashboard and select Add New and publish it, you will see that is the way to edit content on your current “Home” page.

    When we create a wordpress site, we have to decide whether we want our home page to be the page where we have our blog posts or if we want it to be a regular web page (called a static page on wordpress). If you want your Home “page” to be a static page instead of the collection of your blog posts, see this help document.

    And I understand the mindset about “should” being able to edit in a certain way, but the reality is that this is the way it is done on wordpress.

    In your reply you mentioned customization. Many of us see that as the overall look and feel of your total site. Those kinds of options for themes, widgets, menus, custom design, etc, are found under the Appearance item on your dashboard.

    We can talk semantics, but more to the point, what specifically are you trying to do that you cannot do? If it is to edit content in your page of blog posts, you do that through your Posts dashboard item. If it is something further let us know.

    If this answer does not help, let us know (I know, you already did…) and I will be quiet and let another forum member or staff help you sort it out. We have a great community here and want to help one another be successful.



    I appreciate your trying to help.

    I don’t think I am being clear enough. Let me try again.

    1) when the site was set up I had TWO pages: HOME and ABOUT by default

    2) when I clicked on PAGES via the dashboard I saw TWO pages there: HOME and ABOUT. I could click on HOME (or ABOUT) to edit, quick edit, trash or view. From there I had all the options for a page to choose (Page attributes, Likes and Shares, Visibility, Static, etc)

    Here is the problem I now have:

    1). When I click on PAGES via the dashboard there is only one page, ABOUT. What happened to the HOME page? ALL of my site pages should appear there. The options I may want to change for any other page I should be able to do for my HOME page. But I can’t because it is NOT there.



    In going to the Appearance section I do now see what I am looking for but I would still like to know if the HOME page is not supposed to appear in the PAGES section. Because mine doesn’t.


    It is not supposed to appear in the Pages section.



    That is the answer I am looking for. I appreciate your patience and time you took to help.

    Thank you.

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