Home Page not showing more than two posts.

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    I’m not sure if I have set something wrong or if it just has to do with the theme I picked. But when I access my homepage. It only shows the most recent two articles/posts.

    I want it to show more posts. How can I do this?


    The blog I need help with is tsunamishadow.wordpress.com.



    The Hemingway theme is coded to display excerpts from the 2 most recent posts only. If that does not suit you you will have to choose another theme.



    You have added a CSS tag to this thread but the CSS support entries state that “functionality” cannot be changed only appearance” can be changed by CSS editing of the stylesheet. We cannot access let alone edit our underlying templates at wordpress.com. We are all on a multiuser blogging platform and that means all bloggers using the same theme are sharing the same underlying template. Any edits that Staff make affect all those using the same theme. Thus, you can see why we cannot access and edit templates.

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