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    I have a home page but can only view it if I choose to make it static. If I choose to route readers to the latest posts, my home page vanishes and readers can’t access it. I have 5 categories so I thought to make my home page the “home” category but I can’t edit it’s category because it doesn’t show up in the post list and because it’s a page, there is no option to change it’s catergory. It is the only page though I have many posts. How can I move things back and forth between posts, pages and categories?

    The blog I need help with is heroesnpirates.wordpress.com.


    Pages do not have categories. Typically a “home” page is the main index/landing page that you come to when you visit the base URL such as heroesnpirates.wordpress.com/ .

    What exactly are you wanting visitors to see when they come to your site main page?

    If you want a “home” category, then you have to create that category and then assign whatever posts you want to that particular category. Then when someone visits the “home” category, they will see only the posts in that particular category.


    Thank you for taking the time to respond. So is there a way to move things back and forth between pages and posts? The blog only has one “page” but many posts and categories. I find this a bit confusing. Unless I keep the home page as static, in which case readers won’t be able to see the latest posts unless they click on “Archives,” the home page vanishes from access and visibility.


    Pages and posts are two entirely different things and you cannot put posts on pages. Pages sit outside the blog structure and are for static (seldom changing) content.


    Categories are listed at the top or bottom of each post so if people click on one of those category names, they will get a listing of just posts in that category. You can also use the categories widget in your sidebar which gives your visitors another way to narrow down your posts to certain subjects. If you do not have too many categories, you can put them into the top navigation on your site by incorporating a custom menu.

    What exactly is on the “home” page that you feel so stongly about keeping on the front page?


    The home page is basically the raison d’etre of the blog. It’s the “about” information. I guess the only think to do I redo the page information as a blog post on a “home/about” catergory dated to the blog’s inception. Is that my best approach?


    That page, if it is published, can be added to the top menu if you wish. Did you create a custom menu? If so you can go back to that menu, go to the pages module, select that page and add it to the custom menu, put it where you want, and then save the menu.

    The about information can be made into a sticky post that will sit always at the top of the main page, but with the image and the text, I would consider it a bit much for a sticky post as it forces the main content quite a ways down the page. If you decide to put it there, I would suggest making the image into a thumbnail so that the post ends up being shorter.

    By the way, the second comment on your main page is a spam comment. Anytime you see overly generic comments like that, especially that links back to a spammy site like it does, it is spam.


    I just followed the post vs page link and it was very helpful! Problem solved. Thank you so much.


    You are welcome.

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