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Home Page of my Computer

  1. I am new to Computer and Internet. I had a Home Page. I wanted to replace it with another. In my Windows Explorer browser: Tools > Internet Options > Dialog Box: here I deleted the current home page and typed in the url of the 'new' home page, and closed the box.

    When I clicked on the Home Page icon on screen my 'old' home page came on.

    Made enquiries and ultimately microsoft informs me the 'old' home page has left something behind and I must get into Registry to clean it. I am also warned that clening Registry is an intricate job and should not be done by zero savvy people.

    Any suggestions please?

  2. this is a support forum for blogs, not computers generally.

    you should try installing and running spybot S&D, and ad-aware. they'll handle the registry stuff for you.

  3. First...STAY AWAY FROM THE REGISTRY!!!!! I can't stress that enough, sorry for shouting, but I had to make that clear. Poking about in the registry can turn your PC into a doorstop in no time if you don't know what you're doing.

    Second, you need to "apply" then "save" your change of home page, if you don't it will still assume the old one is right. Try again, and make sure you save it. Try pressing F5 to refresh the screen after that, or closing the browser and opening it again....sounds trivial, but sometimes a program needs a little nudge along to do what it's told.

    If that does not work, then you're likely infected with some malware. Either Spybot or AdAware will help tremendously here. Make sure your anti virus is up to date too.

  4. First suggestion is download Firefox instead of using Internet Explorer if you can. But what was the new home page you wanted? Yeah don't mess around with anything unless you know what you're doing or else, like me many times, you could royally screw up your computer. And if you do have any type of virus as dirkgently implied, then download all your protection from

    and typed in the url of the 'new' home page

    Did you first type http:// ?

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