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    Do you split the content on your home page posts or not?

    I read somewhere that people tend to leave more comments if they don’t have to click on a link to read the rest of the content. So I didn’t split the content.
    On the other hand, I realized that some of my posts are pretty long, and I want people to see quite a few at one glance. So I split the content.
    My theme made the little announcement about the split bigger and bolder than all the other headings on that page, which was visually yucky. So I unsplit the content again.

    And now I’m stuck. What are your thoughts and why?



    Yep, I always split the content a few lines in, at a point that encourages curiosity to see what follows (hopefully!) http://ronsrants.wordpress.com/

    Otherwise everyone can read my entire home page at once, and I have no idea what posts are actually generating interest. It also enables me to have more posts on the home page, offering the reader more choice.



    Make that more immediate choice.



    Splitting your content will reduce the number of readers who read any particular post, and it will reduce the number of people who return to your blog regularly. Those are statistical facts.



    Hmm, thanks Ron and Raincoaster.

    Raincoaster, do you have any links to those stats you’re talking about?

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