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home page problem

  1. maninaelleumien

    I have set my About page as the front page. Now I have two front pages the About page and Home page each displaying the same info. I can't work out how to resolve this issue.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We can't help without first seeing the blog. Please provide a link to it.

  3. maninaelleumien

  4. Mistylook now supports the custom menu feature here, so what you want to do is to create a custom menu and then include a "home" tab, but not the "about" tab. To get the "home" selection to show in the page list, you will probably have to click the "view all" link at the top of the page module under appearance > menus.

  5. maninaelleumien

    Thank you :)

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