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    My home page doesn’t apear to be linked to anything. When you click on the ‘HOME’ link it says it’s linked to something that doesn’t exist: http://worldofhannah.wordpress.com/

    How can I change this? I’ve been reading the forums for hours and haven’t found anything… any help would be VERY much appreciated!

    Also I was wondering if I there was any way to re-name the link that says ‘HOME’ so it would match the other links! Thanks again!

    The blog I need help with is worldofhannah.wordpress.com.


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    You deleted the sample post that comes with a new blog. So there are no posts for anyone to see, thus “something that doesn’t exist.” Just add a post of your own from your dashboard, and that ‘bad’ message will go away.


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    Also, Monochrome has the “home” tab built in to the theme, and it does not yet support custom menus:
    That means you can not change the “home tag”


    Thank you so much for your help! The issue has been resolved!!


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    you are welcome.

    I ‘think’ that wp.com is planning to add custom menus to older themes, so in future you might be able to use a custom menu. Maybe.


    Oh that would be super nice! Thank you again for the heads up!



    Hi I also the Home page problem in my blog wildtreks.wordpress.com
    I tried adding a new post, but that does not solve the problem.
    Can you guys help me solve this problem?
    Thank in advance



    Please read this support documentation entry and do as indicated in the instructions. The long and short of this is either one of two scenarios.

    1. You deleted the “Hello Wordld” post that came with your blog. That results in a “404” page not found and that error message will disappear once your create and publish a post. http://en.support.wordpress.com/not-found/

    2.You publishef a post with the current date, but then edits the post and changes the date of the post. Each post URL contains the date published, and the link in your “Latest Posts” list will be wrong because of this. Go to Posts -> Edit and you will probably find the post. If not, the edited date is in the future.

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