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Home page question

  1. Posts, categories, and pages are 3 different things.

    Posts are made to your home page: they are all the articles you write from day to day. They appear on a dynamically changing "page" which is the main part of your blog. Your home/blog page is not a page you can actually edit. It changes whenever you write a post.

    Pages are static and don't change. You use them for basic information such as a page "about" you. Background information, or things your readers should know about your topic.

    Categories are applied to your posts/articles. Like one post could be about sports and you'd make a category for "sports" and another post could be about cooking and you'd make a category for cooking. Then you write another article about sports. Well, you'd assign that post to the category "sports."

    Categories will generate "pages" (which you also cannot edit) with all the posts you have in each category. Your readers can choose your "sports" category to see everything you have written about that.

    Here is more info:

    There is a wealth of information in the support pages here:

  2. I see I'm going to have to read this over several times to make sense of it. I see this setup definitely isn't the usual format. What I envisioned for this blog was to start it out with what I had experienced, and have people leave comments about their experiences, in each category, much as in the What Just Happened section. Then either comment myself or see what other people commented. I can put text in the end of the initial page to have people post in the category sections. Do either of you have any clue as two why on the Posts page after I set it up like was in the earlier replies, why I had everything from the Categories in it?

  3. Readers can comment on posts or pages.
    They can't comment on categories.
    But you can categorize your posts, so readers will see all the posts in each category.
    You can reply to any and all comments.

    Your home page, unless it is static, will by definition have all your posts in all the categories you have made.

    A static home page can force your readers to choose one category or another.

  4. But the readers will only be able to comment on individual posts, not on a category.

    (They can also comment on pages, such as on an "about you" page.)

  5. Now I'm really confused. Take a look at and look at one of the categories. The category only goes to one post at the moment, and I really hadn't planned on having more that one post that it goes to, although I realize it can have multiples. There is a comment section at the end of the post. So aren't they making a comment on a Post, not a category? If this isn't going to work, what do I need to do to change it so it will? This blog was really designed to find out other people's experiences, compare them against everyone else's and let them have a place to express themselves. I know the text here is considerably more wordy that most blogs, but I don't know what to cut. I'm off to bed until morning, I'll check back then. I also just took my sleeping pills, so this might not make complete sense, but then that is also me at times :) Thanks.

  6. I intend to have a question at the end of each post under each category to ask a question. SOme of them have them now, but I got sidetracked on this initial page thing. What I intended was they answer the question for that section.

  7. To see what I am talking about go to
    my fingers aren't working right I better go now

  8. This is going to sound radical, BUT:

    It will save you time and get your blog working exactly the way you want faster if you FORGET about categories right now. All you should do with Categories is put the Category widget in the sidebar and, when you write a new Post, make sure to add it to the correct Category. Otherwise, forget them.

    Readers comment on Posts. The more posts you have, with questions at the end of each, the more likely you'll get a comment. Just concentrate on posts, appropriately categorized, and the architecture will fall into place.

    Also, be aware that I've got a very popular bunch of blogs and the ratio of readers to comments is about 700 to one. On more personal blogs, the ratio is closer to 75 to 1. So you'll need to be patient and build up readership.

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