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    I have all of my postings on my blog’s front page (bayburger.wordpress.com) and there is so much content that the blog is taking a very long time to load (loading 38 of 56 images, etc.). Can I create a break and then have a “next” button to view older posts, thereby keeping the front page to only the most recent posts?



    Dashboard->Options->Reading->Change “blog pages: Show at Most __”



    The link that fwd mentions will allow you to also only show ‘x’ amount of days as well. :)

    Another thing you can try is use the ‘more’ quicktag to devide up your post. If you use it within a post, your visitors will see a “Read more…’ link where you place it within a post. If clicked on, it will show them the entire post. if you use the standard text editor, you’ll see a ‘more’ box along tke top of the editor. If you’re using the rich text editor, it’s icon #13 when you look at this FAQ.

    Hope this helps,

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