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    Hello, thanks for the Annual Fireworks Report it was wonderful :)

    Just wanted to know for my specific blog, i have views and the Post shows only
    Homepage, How come , which means visitors are just viewing the Homepage,
    and what does show on my Homepage please i am intrigued.
    Blog url: http://joindicreativescribblings.wordpress.com/



    I’m not sure I understand the question – if your stats for a specific day only list the home page, then on that day only the home page was viewed.



    What i mean is everyday i go on getting ‘views’ under Category ‘ TOP Post and Pages ‘ i get on an average per day 5 views and they all show ‘Home Page’ . Hope my question is clear now.
    You told me the below

    You’re getting this email because you subscribed to ‘Home Page Visitors.’Please click the link above, login, and click “Unsubscribe” at the top of the page to stop receiving emails from this topic

    Does that mean i have subscribed to my own blog ? Oh no ! Then after i personally login how come it picks up my views.. Am a bit confused.

    Where do i get this link , can u explain a bit more.

    Thanks ..J



    The email you have receive means you subscribed to replies from this thread.

    As Yoav mentioned, what you’re seeing means that folks are only visiting your home page, which is http://joindicreativescribblings.wordpress.com/

    They aren’t visiting any other pages or posts.

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