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    I recently moved from blogger to wordpress and did the whole import thing. When I made a new “welcome” page which I set to be the static opening page, the home page worked for a while but then all of a sudden it just stopped. I cant view my posts anymore – I’m stuck on the welcome page.
    Any help would be appreciated – this is rather annoying…

    [Link fixed – drmike]



    Strange there’s no list of Recent Posts in your sidebar. I can access “Geocentricity” through your November archives, so maybe you need to put a Recent Posts widget in the sidebar? If there was one before and it just vanished, I’d drop a feedback to WordPress.



    Lots of issues:

    1) Just for reference, your URL is http://silversword.wordpress.com/ The ‘silversword’ takes the place of the ‘www’ bit. You don’t state your blood type when you say your name, do you? About the same thing. Also remember that 30% of the internet won’t be able to follow that link as you had it.

    2) Blogger doesn’t allow hotlinking of photos. For example, the pic in this post is broken. You have to either upload it to wp.com space or another pic service that allows hotlinking.

    3) I see you’re posts here fine. I do see a blank welcome page though. Are you sure you have assigned one for it? the reason why i ask is along the top of your blog is the Page bar and I only see 1 Page there where there should be two.

    Hope this helps,

    edit: Feedback sent with the suggestion that the Blogger importer needs a note saying that pics don’t come over.

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