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  1. moneyedpoliticians


    How do I eliminate the "Home" tab?

    How do I modify the statement under the blog name? (where it now says "Just another site")

    The blog I need help with is

  2. How do I eliminate the "Home" tab?

    You don't. The Home tab or Blog tab or Front page tab is coded into the templates for some themes and cannot be removed. We cannot edit templates here at I suggest that you simply change to another theme. Here's a list you can consult >

    How do I modify the statement under the blog name? (where it now says "Just another site")

    You can change your blog title and or tagline at any time here > Settings > General

  3. moneyedpoliticians

    Which of the three columns should I choose from?

    I have deleted the Home-page on the one I am using. Is there a way of adding it back in?

  4. I'm looking at the blog linked to your username in the Contempt theme. I am seeing "Home" in the horizontal menu for static pages. Are you asking about a different blog? Id so please post the complete URL starting with the prefix http://

  5. Drat! That was stupid of me. Please forgive me. You meant the blog in the Misty Look theme which you have already posted the link to in the OP. Please see here >

  6. moneyedpoliticians

    The one I'm working on is at

    Is there any way I can add back the Home page I deleted?

  7. You cannot delete your home page. What you deleted is the sample "Hello World" post, so your home page has no posts to display. When you publish a new post, it'll be ok.

  8. moneyedpoliticians

    You are right. I did and it worked. Thanks much.

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