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    If you can also tell me what theme the blog foodpress is using, I can try and do something similar. Or if you know a similar theme.


    The closest you can get to what is on foodpress is to do as Timethief does on her blog, and switch to the HTML tab, copy out the image code and some text and then put that into the “excerpt” field. I’ve redone my test blog with Fusion and updated with the above procedure so that the image shows on the main page.

    If you want two columns of posts, then you will have to use Inuit types or under the influence. Both of those allow you to have either one or two columns of posts.


    Foodpress is a custom theme done by the wordpress staff. It is not available to the rest of us.



    Hey I liked what you did with your blog. That is similar to what I wanted, I think it suits the purpose of my blog. Are you using fusion? I dont think so, is it under the influence? I will be very pleased, and I think my problem will be solved with that answer.
    Thanks, you are the best.



    His site is not hosted at WordPress.com.



    Oh ok. I will leave the topic as not resolve in case I have another question related to this topic. If in 2 hours or so no problems appear, I will change it. Thanks for your attention, this goes to everyone.


    I’m using the self-hosted version of Inuit Types. You can get a similar look with the version that is here at wordpress.COM.



    If you have a look, I am using it =D.
    Thanks, do you know if there will be an update of the version here offered for wordpress.com?



    Isnt there a way of putting an image at the top? A header or an image in the title?


    The version I’m using is a “premium” version which means I had to pay for it. It is unlikely they will have that version here since the theme designer probably would not agree to that. Also, there is a whole lot of stuff in the “premium” version that would likely get stripped out if it were used here, and mine has a good bit of CSS work done to it as well.



    Oh ok, congrats for your blog then, mine will be working after new year, we are currently administrating the moderators and writers.
    Problem Solved.
    Thanks to everyone again.

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