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  1. Ok.

    I'm going to breath slowly and not panic.

    My blog - Absolutely Random - shows up a blank page as my home page.
    My home page usually has all my posts up - thirty at a time.

    When I click the individual pages, they come up.

    The url to my

    I'm going to wait a few hours and try again.

    Meantime, I hope that tension of restraint I am exersising is apparant.

    I'll breath for now.
    Blog url:

  2. WP added infinite scrolling to the theme, and once again they made a mistake. Mistake now corrected.

  3. Ya, breathing again. Oh my lord.

    I'm gonna do an export file immediately.


  4. Back up, back up and back up.

    Hadn't realised what a couple of years of irrelevant blogging adds up to - PRICELESS MATERIAL, however irrelevant!


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