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    Good day. Please, excuse me If this theme is already here resolved and please excuse my wrong english, I hope, you’ll understand.

    It’s some days ago I first time visit your pages, now I understand how to create articles, categories, pages and other. But there is Homepage. It’s page, which appears, when somebody click to link “Homepage”, in my slovak web “Domovská stránka” and which appears as first when somebody enter to my web.

    I want to change it as text, have a text editor, where I can edit texts or open HTML editor, so I want to know make welcoming text on homepage, but I don’t know where I can change homepage text, on my homepage is only text, that tells, that I want to find something, what isn’t that.

    And I want to change link in menu from “Domovská stránka” to “Domovská stránka/Homepage”, because I want to have multilingual pages.

    My pages to better understanding is here: http://sims3gepeto.wordpress.com/

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is sims3gepeto.wordpress.com.


    Your blog front normally displays your latest posts. You’re getting the message that “you’re looking for something that isn’t here” because you deleted the sample “Hello World” post, so your front has nothing to display.

    You want your front to display a welcome page instead of your posts. See here:



    Thank you, I’ll try it.



    So, I still have problem, I have two homepages, I read article about resolve it, but it will be resolved only If I mark “Domovská stránka” as Child, then it should disappear, but how to start editing it to change it as Child page? Every pages is automatic Parent pages and are appearing in menu, they’ll disappear only If they’re marked as Child pages. But how to change “Domovská stránka” as Child to have appeared only “Domov/Home” page in menu?


    “Domovská stránka” is not a page you can find in Pages > All Pages, it’s just a built-in link to your blog front (so you cannot edit it and remove it by turning it into a child page). The instructions you found about child pages would apply if you wanted to remove the “Domov/Home” tab, not the other one. You need to create a custom menu, which will allow you to display whatever you wish and title it any way you like:

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