Homepage is Not Full Width (and it is supposed to be)

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    Why is my Homepage split in half as if it is missing a column or my Main Sidebar (which I have set to hide for this page)?

    The blog I need help with is discerningculture.wordpress.com.



    Because the “Home” page template is designed to display a featured image on the right side.


    Thanks for that info!

    Two follow-up questions:
    1. Is there a way to not have a featured image so that the Home page text/media can be full width?

    2. If I decide/end-up-needing-to-keep-a-featured image on the Home page, how can I make the image fit the length of the page? Right now it is just the “normal” picture size, which makes it look like there should be something below to fill the empty space. I tried Settings>Media as well as Media>[desired picture].



    The “Home” page template
    a) can’t have full-width content (except if you have the Custom Design upgrade);
    b) requires a featured image, and the image shows in fixed dimensions (440×300 pixels): any image in a different aspect ratio will be cropped to fit;
    c) is designed as a short landing page – check the demo:

    If you don’t like these characteristics, then select the no-sidebar template instead of the home template for your front page.


    Got it. Thank you for your help!

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