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Homepage messed up

  1. My site is and I am using the WordPress Classic theme. It was working ok all this while until recently. The columns in the side have moved to the bottom and no matter what presentation I use it is showing the same thing i.e. the columns are at the botom instead of the side as it is supposed to be.

    What went wrong?


  2. that link isn't working for me.

    can you check it out, please?

  3. yes, you need to give us your url so we can have a look at your blog and see what exactly is wrong with it.

  4. Sorry, how do I get that?

  5. doh, please excuse my last post, i didn't see your url in my first read. =P the link you gave works for me.

    do you have css upgrade? because the calendar is considerably larger than normal, which may be why your sidebar dropped...

  6. no css upgrade. shall i remove the calendar?

  7. I can see the blog.
    I'm not sure if this is the problem, but some of your images and videos are very large. Having them too large can force a sidebar to the bottom of your blog, especially in IE.

  8. I have shrunk all the pictures except for the ones from Youtube, but some of the widgets are still at the bottom.

  9. I have the same problem even if I use Firefox to display it.

    On the individual post of one of the pictures you shrunk, it seems to be working better now, though. And it's not there at all for a text post, so I still think it's the images. Maybe try looking in the code tab, see if there's anything left over that might be forcing the other widgets to the bottom. Or you could delete an image entirely on a single post, see if that fixes it there. Then you'd at least know if it's definitely the images.

  11. Thanks - its ok now, one of the articles had

    in it. I deleted it and it is ok now

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