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HomePage Missing

  1. I was deleting pages that another administrator made...

    First I deleted the other administrator..

    Then I deleted his pages..

    But homepage was made by him..

    So now i can not put anything on my homepage...

    I just see a truncated post in my homepage...

    So I need to create a page.. and make it my homepage... but i can't do it... WHY ??

  2. Can you post the link to your blog.


    Thanks for trying to help...

    The page "PORTADA" should be the first one...

  4. You can designate any page as your front page. Options -> Reading ->

  5. My god... you're a genius....thanks

    One last thing... I solved my problem... but... now I have 2 links to the same homepage...

    Link 1: Homepage (default) that links to my homepage
    Link 2: "portada" (the page I've created) that also links to my homepage..

    Can I remove the name of my page "portada" and just see it when I am at "homepage"..

  6. You can edit and rename any of the pages to any names you want just don't forget to save when you are done.

  7. Thanks again...

    But no... that is not what I want to know...

    Go to my blog...

    I see on the top:


    But those 2 names link to the same page i've created..

    Can I change that? and just see:


    And link to my page "PORTADA".. (without reading "portada" on the top)

  8. so u basically have 2 same pages right? just delete one of them

  9. I'm having the same problem. I deleted my Home page (following the logic proposed by hafuzu that you simply delete the unneeded one), but all it did was delete it from the list of pages to be edited. Unfortunately the "Home" tag is still there, which means I have no way to delete the Home page, no way to edit it and make it a child page to a second mother page in order to hide it, and no way to add any text to it. What do I do at this point?

  10. If the Home page is hardcoded into your theme you can never delete it. Post content to your blog (not as a Page; as a POST) and the content will be there.

  11. Ok, but then all that does is move my categories to the home page. I still can't add any content to the page or change its title or change its order, and I can't put my categories on my "cours" page as I had planned. Hmm. Oh well. If I have to choose between a nonfunctional Home page with a huge space-hogging tab or no Welcome page at all with all my "cours" information right up front, then I guess I'll go with the latter!

    Thanks anyway.

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