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    Hello WordPress users, the homepage of my blog is way longer than a logically usable length (taking a lot of scrolling to get to the bottom of the page), and taking more time to load because of all the photos and text. Is there a way to set my blog to only display only the most recent 1-2, maybe 3 posts, or a static page that I can edit that does not change, but my posts appear on another page? Thank you so much for your help!

    The blog I need help with is robertwangsblog.wordpress.com.


    Go to settings > reading and change the number of posts to show on the post pages.

    You can also setup a static page as your landing page and then create a new blog page if you wish.




    You also have a ton of large pictures consider putting them in galleries and also using the “more” command to not show all the pictures – don’;t make your visitors see every picture every time they visit your site – my DSL link has been running wide open for over 2 minutes – even if I were your friend I would not visit your site a second time.

    I hate sites that are slow to load because I need to load all the pictures that I have already seen.


    Auxclass is right. Many of your images are near 300k file size, and that is WAY too large for the web. Optimize your images better and keep them under 75k each (50k would be even better). On the web, and on a computer monitor, you will never see the difference unless you had the two images side by side and and had a keen photographic eye.



    Hi auxclass and thesacredpath, thank you for the information and THANK YOU for the critique on putting up pictures that are too large. How does the “more” command with galleries work? :-)

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