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Homepage Slider not working - Ever After theme

  1. I have set sticky posts with featured images to 850x400 and no matter what I do, they will not show up on the homepage slider that's supposed to work with Ever After theme. Help please?!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Go to Settings >Reading and make sure the blog front is set to display your latest posts.

  3. Wow, thanks. That did the trick. Next question: is there any way to just have the slider on the front page and not the feed of my most recent posts?

  4. You're welcome. Note that the theme description is rather misleading: the slider doesn't show on the homepage, it shows on the main posts page. So you cannot have a slider on the homepage if you set the homepage (=blog front) to display a static page instead of your latest posts.

    Next answer is no (except if you had the Custom Design upgrade). Like most themes with a slider, the theme displays sticky posts in the slider, regular posts below the slider. Best you can do is limit the regular posts to 1 (in Settings > Reading).
    If this is important to you, would you consider switching to a different theme?

  5. I would definitely consider switching to a different theme; I originally tried the "Forever" theme and then switched to this one, I forget why... Do you know of any free themes that you think would work well for a portfolio showcasing photography as well as blog posts to showcase writing samples? Thank you so much for your help!

  6. Justpi will have more suggestions for you. In the meanwhile you may wish to look at some of the photoblogging themes at
    For example see Triton Lite, Hatch, Mixfolio, Fontfolio, Autofocus and Imbalance 2

  7. Thanks so much - this is a huge help!

  8. You're welcome. :) I'm sure justpi will be able to assist you even better than I can.

  9. P.S. You may find a theme you like among these

  10. Portfolio themes? I thought you were interested in a theme with a slider and no posts on the homepage.

  11. @justpi
    Please accept my apology for posting the link to Portfolio themes rather than those with posts sliders. I do know that all themes with post sliders can be located here My mistake was the result of having too many open threads and posting into the wrong one.

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