How do I add the featured image to the Stucture theme?

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    My page seems to have a top left “homepage” widget that’s just a grey box. I’d like to put an image there, but there doesn’t seem to be an option on the widget page to do this. There’s only a top right homepage widget, and widgets for footers. Help?
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    The photo in the big box at the top is pulled from the “Featured” category, which can be set on “Appearance > Theme Options” panel. Once you set that up, you need to edit the latest post in that category to add a featured image.

    The end result is that your theme (Structure) should look like this once you get an image into that grey box.


    I did this, and it’s still not showing up. But with the theme I have, in order to see any photos in the post, you have to click on the title to view the full post…could this be the problem?



    The Structure theme front page is supposed to look like this:

    The photo in the big box at the top is the Featured Image from the latest post in the category you specify under “Appearance > Theme Options” panel.

    To set this up, first choose a category you want to use with this, under “Appearance > Theme Options”. You can call this category “Featured” or “Front Page” – a link to the latest post from this category will always be prominently displayed in the front page.

    Once you have a category selected, choose a featured image for the latest post in that category. This image will be displayed in your front page. To set a featured image, see here:

    Remember that you have to choose a featured image for every post you put in this category.

    For more information about Structure, see this post:

    Let us know if you have any more questions – we’d be happy to help out.

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