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    I’m using the theme ‘Autofocus’, and have some widgets set up on my Primary Sidebar. These show up on my separate pages (i.e., in my particular blog, on the ‘About’ and ‘Contact’, etc) however they do not appear on my main homepage.
    Is this something that can be fixed, or is it just a condition of the theme itself?

    Thanks a lot!
    Blog url: http://sarahmusgrove.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is sarahmusgrove.co.uk.


    That’s how AutoFocus is setup. The front page only displays your posts/featured images, and your published pages will only display widgets in your sidebar.

    I hope this helps! :)


    Ahh thank you so much! Good to know I hadn’t missed something glaringly obvious…Cheers!

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