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Hooked: One Woman at Sea, Trolling for Truth

  1. Hi friends -

    I'm new here, just launched "Hooked: One Woman at Sea, Trolling for Truth" a few weeks back. Sharing the stories of an Alaskan fisherwoman has been fun, but I'm still very much fumbling through technical aspects and have much to learn. (I'm afraid the "WP for Dummies" library books stacked around me haven't been quite as "dummy'd" as I'd like!)
    Would welcome your feedback and suggestions, and am happy to join everyone here. Thanks, all!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. you need to go to your personal settings and add your blog. Otherwise it won't show up on your username.

  3. In other words: you have not provided us a link.

  4. Oh, good grief - mortified! See what I mean? NEW.

    (Sorry, dudes.)

  5. ;) life is about learning!

    Cool blog! I see you have the interest in fishing! I, on the other hand, have no patience :)

  6. click and copy your blog home page url address and go to dashboard, users, personal settings, account detail's, web site and paste your url there at the bottom and save That will make your name turn into a link.

  7. Ah. Thank you, thank you, midaevalmaiden. Hope I got it right now...

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