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Hoover's Corner - welcome to my professional writing blog

  1. kennethmarkhoover

    Hello, everyone!

    I am a professional SF and dark fantasy writer. I am also an active member of SFWA and HWA. I used to blog over at Live Journal and I had a lot of friends there. But since they've been having so much trouble at LJ with DOS attacks I have come back to WP and I really like it here. I like the support, and there appears to be less drama in the community which is always a plus. :D

    I usually blog about my writing, film reviews, and other things related to the writing and publishing industry. I sometimes blog about personal events in my life as well. I recently changed my theme from Kubrick to Comet because I thought the latter gave me a little more versatility while still being minimalist. It also gives me the opportunity to use some of the photography I have taken during research trips for stories and novels in my header.

    Please, feel free to drop by my blog anytime and comment or subscribe if you enjoy the content. Thanks for the warm welcome to WP, I truly appreciate your guidance and support. :)


    Kenneth Mark Hoover
    Allen, TX

    The blog I need help with is

  2. kennethmarkhoover

    Here's a link to my WP site since my user name only goes to my stand alone web site. Sorry about the confusion!

  3. Hey, I'd just like to say your blog is looking really nice and I'll be coming back to have a real look around.
    Quick question if I may, what is your favourite thing to write-a book/story, article, review etc and how did you personally get into professional writing? Thanks a lot

  4. I am literally in awe.

  5. kennethmarkhoover

    Thanks, guys. I have always wanted to write even as a kid. I started doing so professionally and full-time about ten years ago.

    I like writing short stories and reviews. I am currently working on a dark western fantasy novel and you can read about the progress of that work on my blog. Thanks! :)

    Kenneth Mark Hoover

  6. kennethmarkhoover

    I know a lot of writers and one thing I can say about them all is we are in this profession for different reasons. With this post I wanted to try and capture the theme of breaking free from the things in life that ground us, and find artistic perfection.

  7. kennethmarkhoover

    While researching Fort Griffin and The Flat for my new novel I came across a little town being rebuilt in the traditional old western style. It gave me pause and made me think about the past and how difficult it is for a writer to bring that alive:

    The Flat: 5000 Buffalo Hunters, Ranchers, Prostitutes, Drunks and Criminals in One Place

  8. kennethmarkhoover

    One of the pillar posts of my blog in which I write about difficulties and loss of confidence in the life of a professional writer:

    Talking Honestly with Story: Finding Confidence in Yourself

  9. kennethmarkhoover

    I wasn't planning on writing anything serious today, but guess what? I wrote this essay this morning, off the cuff, and several people responded favorably on WP and other social networks where I can be found. It's along the themes I often blog about at least as regards writing.

    Hope you like it, too.

    Talk is Cheap, Writing is Hard

  10. Hi Kenneth! I just stopped by your blog and subscribed. I write also (with a love for dark fantasy), so I can't wait to read more from you!

  11. kennethmarkhoover

    Thank you very much for subscribing. I am really flattered you enjoyed the post, that means a lot to me. :)

  12. kennethmarkhoover

    Just because you finished writing a story doesn't mean you get to go out and play!

    Dialog with a Finished Story: Can I go out and play yet?:

  13. kennethmarkhoover

    Kind of a little busy beaver today, I guess. Here's my post about my trip to Fort Griffin and a little photolog of the Clear Fork River and how it is suffering in the drought. Thanks!

    On the Banks of the Clear Fork

  14. kennethmarkhoover

    Just a quick blog note today about medical aspect of my life and upcoming professional news:

    Medical Update and Publishing News

  15. kennethmarkhoover

    A quick post today on classical guitar and song memorization, entitled, appropriately enough:

    Classical Guitar and Memorization

  16. kennethmarkhoover

    Woke up this morning and suddenly two decisions that had been lingering in my subconscious crystallized. So I blogged about them! :P

    Two Big Decisions on the New Haxan Novel

  17. kennethmarkhoover

    A post which examines my scattershot approach (not recommended, haha) to learning classical guitar:

    Finding Which Way to Turn in Classical Guitar

  18. kennethmarkhoover

    Got a busy week lined up, and a lot of other stuff, both professional and personal, hanging over my head. So I wrote about it here:

    New Story in EQMM, Theater 13 Radio and Health Update

  19. kennethmarkhoover

    This morning I wrote a personal retrospective about all the things I have facing me regarding my writing and personal life. Just looking at the stuff I have to attend to overwhelms me!

    I am glad the holidays are at an end. Now the hard work begins.

  20. kennethmarkhoover

    I have been thinking about this topic for some weeks now, if not months, and blogged about it today. I hope it will be helpful to beginning and established writers alike:

    Process VS Protocol, or why only one thing matters in writing

  21. Great stuff my friend, im finding your blog very insightful and i will be following it from now on, I am hoping to be a novelist in the future although I dont have any formal education in creative writing etc, so blogs like yours are good source of information for someone like myself, keep up the good work ^__^.

    here is my blog and any feedback would be appreciated.

  22. kennethmarkhoover

    Blogged today about how actually writing a story, as difficult as that is, remains the easy part compared to what comes next,

    So you wrote a story? Congratulations, That was the EASY part.

  23. kennethmarkhoover

    New blog post about the process of writing:

    Writing as an Organic Process (in other words it's Art)

  24. kennethmarkhoover

    My new blog post on the difference between idea and story:

    Ideas are a dime a dozen. But stories are forever.

  25. kennethmarkhoover

    My new blog post on why it's important to have networking and support groups as a writer:

    No one understand a writer like another writer

  26. kennethmarkhoover

    One of the things writers have going for them is how often people are willing to help us. I blogged about this today:

    Magic Words: "I am a writer and I need help."

  27. kennethmarkhoover

    My review of Star Wars: The Old Republic is now up:

    SWTOR: Casual fun with glowbats in the classic mythos of Star Wars

  28. kennethmarkhoover

    This morning I worked through how I view myself as a writer first and a publisher second:

    I am still a writer first...everything else comes second

  29. kennethmarkhoover

    Why you should always read outside your professed genre if you want to be a successful writer:

    Reading Outside Your Genre Even if it Kills You

  30. kennethmarkhoover

    The old argument of Character vs. Plot is once again enjoined:

    Good Writing is Often a Question of Character

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