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Hoover's Corner - welcome to my professional writing blog

  1. kennethmarkhoover

    My review of the 1933 pre-code film Island of Lost Souls:

    Island of Lost Souls (1933) – Censored Horror with Sex and Atmospheric Bestiality

  2. kennethmarkhoover

    I posted an in-depth look at the creative process of my newest science fiction story. A lot of readers seem to like these process blog posts, and I enjoy writing them because they help me understand the theory of writing on a deeper level.

    Hope you enjoy the post! :)

    Love, Betrayal,and Recombinant DNA Gone Wrong in Cabo San Lucas

  3. kennethmarkhoover

  4. kennethmarkhoover

    This morning I posted something that has me concerned as a professional writer. I'd appreciate it if you took a look. Thanks! :)

    Does Going Indie Mean Less Time for Writing?

  5. kennethmarkhoover

    This morning I blogged about how as a writer you can use research into esoteric topics for story potential. I hope you like the post and feel free to give any feedback you think I might warrant. Thanks!

    The Saga of Ragnar Greenkirtle and the “graskinna” Loki

  6. kennethmarkhoover

  7. kennethmarkhoover

    I wanted to share this with other writers who might be having a tough time out there:

    Why I Write

  8. kennethmarkhoover

    Today I have a post about the creative process for my new Haxan story:

    Gepetto's Orphans: The Emergence of the Lost People Comes to Haxan

  9. kennethmarkhoover

    Posted a review about the opera Tosca:

    "This is Tosca's kiss!"

  10. kennethmarkhoover

    Working out a process problem with a current novel, and I share my thoughts about it here:

    Making Some Decisions as a Writer are not as Easy as it Seems

  11. kennethmarkhoover

    Missed posting about this in Showcase yesterday so making up for it today. This is a post regarding my new Haxan story "Wuthering" and how I used Bronte's work as inspiration:

    "Wuthering": A Vengeful take on Wuthering Heights in the Violent World of Haxan

  12. kennethmarkhoover

    Wanted to blog about a new science fiction story and the creation process that was involved:

    My New Story! Lisetta Lawrence is a myopic graduate student with knobby knees and a troubled love life….

  13. kennethmarkhoover

    I was recently interviewed by Darke Conteur and wanted to share it here with you today. I talk about genre and the state of publishing along with other stuff. Hope you like it! :)

    "Western Horror: My Interview with Kenneth Mark Hoover" by Darke Conteur

  14. kennethmarkhoover

    Wrote a blog post today about my trip to Palo Duro:

    Cow Cabin Camping in Palo Duro Canyon

  15. kennethmarkhoover

    Sometimes it's good for a writer to take a long break and let things collapse around you.

    The Importance of Being Lazy

  16. kennethmarkhoover

    Sometimes it's good for a writer to take a long break and let things collapse around you.

  17. kennethmarkhoover

    Hm. For some reason the link to my new post isn't working. Oh. well, I'll have to try again later. Sorry for the inconvencience! :(

    --Kenneth Mark Hoover

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