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  1. truthinreligionandpolitics

    I have a link to a calculator that I'd like to use in a post. But I want it to display the graphic with the button and field image. How can I do this, if at all??

    I'd like to post this tonight

  2. Unfortunately a quick response won't happen here unless a forum volunteer who happens to be visiting here also happens to know the answer.

    I also can't help with the specificity of your question, but generally, unless it's here:

    or is something that has straightforward HTML code (javascript is stripped out), in which you can paste it into a text widget and put it into your side panel, then you can't use it.

    Widgets can't (to my knowledge) be put into a post.

  3. The code for that widget is javascript: as AOB said, we're not allowed to use it.

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