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Hoping for Some Feedback

  1. I haven't showed anyone my blog yet and was hoping to get some feedback about my postings. Any help would be great. I'm also not sure how to get traffic to the blog.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Here are three links on getting more traffic.

    A couple suggestions. Many of your posts are on the long side, so I might suggest going to settings > reading and perhaps decrease the number of posts to show on a page to say, 5. Another option would be to use the read more tag to shorten longer posts and then the readers can click on the read more tag to get to the rest of the post.

    If you start using images in each post, then I would definitely suggest setting the number of posts back to 5 so that your pages load fast. Right now with mostly text only posts, it isn't an issue really.

  3. moved to showcase forum

  4. hi kelley,

    i would suggest adding a pic or two? it helps break up the text, and incoming (first time) readers might not feel so overwhelmed with the long posts.

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