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Horizontal Page Menu Delemma

  1. I have decided to postpone moving my blog from based on timethief's excellent observations. For my blog I have one more page I would like to add in a few days. However, with my current theme, adding another page makes the horizontal menu take up two rows and consequently makes my blog look more jumbled that it already does. Is there a way to modify the font of the horizontal page menu so that I can fit one more word on it? Or is my best option to just change themes? Or is there an even better solution you can suggest?

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. To change the font for the navigation tabs, you would have to have CSS editing experience and the paid CSS upgrade.

    Your best option would probably be to change themes. If you have a lot of pages, you might even thing of choosing one that doesn't have top navigation and then use the pages widget.

    One other option would be iNove which has pulldown type tabs which means you could make some pages "children" of other pages - if that would work for your pages.

  3. Why bother having two separate static pages for "Professional" and "Personal"? I would simply have an About page. Your About page could contain a profile ie. a brief biography that includes the information your currently have on 2 separate pages and more. It can also include a concise and informative blog description that help readers determine what the purpose of the blog is, what your goals are and what tags characterize your blog contents.

    (1) Elevator speech
    An "elevator speech" is a super-short explanation of an idea, a business, or a blog, designed to create further interest that can be delivered in the time it takes folks to ride from the top to the bottom of a building in an elevator.

    You could then use it on your About page on your blog, and on social media sites like twitter and friendfeed, as well as, on Profile pages in blog directories, social networks, online forums and groups.

    (2) Write an appealing profile
    This is will you an opportunity to briefly showcase your knowledge in regard to the subjects you blog about. You can place it on your blog's About page, and on the profile pages of all blog directories, social media sites, social networks, online forums and groups you are a member of.

    (3) Write concise and informative blog description
    This will give you an opportunity to let reader know what to expect in terms of the purpose of your blog, your blogging goals, and the categories and tags that characterize your blog contents.

  4. I should have included more above:

    Under (3) add this sentence to the end:
    "You can place your blog description on your blog's About page, and on the profile pages of all blog directories, social media sites, social networks, online forums and groups you are a member of."

  5. The blog that I am referring to is . My person blog is in need of improvement, but that is not my main project right now.

    When you submit a question there is a drop down that ask which blog you are writing about. But now I see that you responders have no way to see that information, so I don't understand why they have the drop down in the first place.

    Regardless, I appreciate ya'lls help (as always) and will check out iNove.

  6. I misspelled my own blog above. It is . Thx

  7. Holy cow. Switching to inove was so easy. rocks.

  8. That's a far better theme choice. :) The categories on top is cool for what you want to accomplish.

    She takes him aside and whispers into his ear. "The 'www' is antiquated and does NOT actually exist in your url or in any other url. The correct url for your blog is ;)

  9. Thanks again!

  10. Cheers :)

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