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    I see that hr isn’t in the list of allowed tags. However, it comes handy when you’d like to post a “two parts” post : for instance, all my posts are in french and english and I’d like to separate them using “<hr>”.

    Whatever I do, my <hr/> tag is replaced by <hr /> (which amazingly works, at least with firefox) and the following is removed so that the text doesn’t have the same color than my global theme…

    You can see an example here : https://yoho.wordpress.com/2006/05/31/bleeding-edge/

    So is it possible to officially support this tag OR could someone give me another way to quickly separate two parts with a horizontal rule.



    you can a use self closing <hr /> tag to designate a Horizontal Rule element. it’s not stripped currently, but any of its style attributes are, or they could be overriden by the CSS of the theme in use.



    The <hr /> tag is allowed here as I’ve used it in the past. I’ll send in a feedback mentioning it.

    How it shows up on the blog though is theme dependant. :)

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