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    The blog was fine and the photos looked alright at first but a few weeks ago I noticed that all the photos were squashed in the horizontal direction.

    It is most noticeable with photos of people. A friend showed me how to fix the first one manually by accessing the source code but I balk at repeating the same process for every single photo on the blog especially since they looked fine before and no change had been made to the site.

    The photos on my other blogs are fine.

    The problem is the same in different browsers, even after emptying the cache and deleting cookies.

    The problem is the same on other PCs.

    If anybody has any suggestions on how I can fix all the photos at once, I would be very grateful. Since this is a hiking blog, good photos are important. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is tokyohiking.wordpress.com.



    Twenty Ten Full-width layout: The main column width is 640 pixels.

    It’s my experience that when we presize images offline to fit where we wish them to display no image quality is lost, we don’t waste image storage space and we don’t have to do any image troubleshooting.
    Cropper or Proper Image Preparation

    Please post URLs to examples of images which now appear to be squashed.

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