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Host has disabled the socket connection

  1. Error from last API Key attempt:

    Your blog was unable to connect to Please ask your host for help. (transport error - could not open socket: )

    Is there a way to use officially plugins without an API Key?
    Because I get this error message every time I insert my key.
    My host says they have disabled socket connection and will never enable it.


    edit: and which socket has to be enabled for the wp_stats and the askimet addon?

  2. I'm sorry but the API key is required to use the stats plug-in. I believe that if you look in the forum searchbox you might locate what you are looking for but I cannot be sure of that. If you don't then you can contact staff by emailing [email redacted]

  3. not the key is the problem, the connection to through the socket is the problem because my hoster has disabled socket connections


  4. Well then what do you think we volunteers can do for you here?

  5. It would be nice, if you could tell me if there is another way to enable the plugin ^^

  6. There is no other way that I know of. On my own hosted wp install I simply provided the API key and the stats program was up and running.

  7. because your host has socket connections enabled

    i will send an e-mail to :/



  8. I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful. :(
    Best wishes for a happy ending.

  9. the support team says:

    Unfortunately you can't use them if your host doesn't allow you to open sockets to other servers.


  10. Thanks for returning and for sharing the answer with us.
    I'm sorry you went through all this frustration. :(
    Will you please mark this thread as "resolved"?
    Best wishes for better days and happier endings.

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