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host my wordpress

  1. I've found plugins but in my free account they doesn't work.
    Do you know any free host? or any other suggestion?



  2. You can't add your own plugins on a blog. You HAVE a free host, here at; if you want to move your blog to a self-hosted option, you'll have to download the software from and find hosting for it elsewhere. That means you have to start over again; is this what you want?

    What do you want your blog to do: there may well be options already here at to do those things for you.

  3. I just want to post some youyube videos.
    but with my account this is not possible.
    how can I upload plugins?

  4. The FAQ's is your friend
    And this is a helpful thread too posted on your dashboard

    For the record: you cannot upload plug-ins on This is a multiuser blogging platform. However, if you feel you need plug-ins then there is a solution available. You can download a free theme from and import the contents of your blog into it.
    The differences between and policies and services are found in the "please read me first before posting to the forum" thread at the head of the forum. Here's the link
    Happy blogging. :)

  5. YouTube is easy, easy, easy to post on blogs, but it's a unique way of doing it and you have to follow the instructions in the thread TT has given you. Report back if you have any problems.

  6. The links for Youtube and the other systems are posted in the FAQ posted at the head of these forums as well.

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