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hosted image is cut off at side


    I'm just getting started, and my blog is an image-based one. I have made two test posts of an image, one with the WP uploader, one with HTML code from Photobucket. I'm using the ChaosTheory theme (for now).

    The problem: The WP uploader restricts the image size to 510 wide (I've tried adjusting the media settings). This isn't enough, I need at least 600 wide. However, I don't mind having a reduced-size version on the blog, so long as the images can be clicked and open full-size in a new window.

    If I use the Photobucket method, although I can click open the full-size image in a Photobucket page, the image on the blog is cut off on the right.

    What I need ideally, is to combine both features. A reduced size image on the blog, click-openable to full-size in new window (preferably without the Photobucket page).

    I'd be very grateful for help on how to achieve this. Thanks.

    (BTW I know Monotone theme allows larger image sizes, BUT it will only allow one image per post, and I need to be able to post multiple images in a single post).

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The content column is not a variable width, so you are stuck with that unless you learn CSS, purchase the paid CSS upgrade, and make the changes to the theme yourself.

  3. Oh, you can of course reduce the size displayed in the content column easily. You can either just code it on the HTML editor, or grab the corners and drag it smaller if you use the visual editor. This does not affect its click to full size ability whatsoever.

  4. Okay thanks, I'll try the visual editor (no idea how to code HTML or CSS).

    I'm surprised there isn't a cleaner way as I know it's simple to do on a (free) blogspot blog, like this one:

    I just heard WordPress had overall better features, so assumed the basic features would be similar.

  5. They're quite different, but overall I find superior. Once you know how to do things, you'll find it's quite a bit faster and there are fewer outages and issues, in part because of increased security.

  6. <a href=""><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-43" title="deflexion_curvature1" src="" alt="deflexion_curvature1" width="600" height="450" /></a>

  7. oops, forgot to refresh before posting

  8. @raincoaster - I posted a third test, manually reducing the displayed image (with photobucket html) to 80% and it's worked. So thanks again. Just wish I could click it open to a plain page without going to the photobucket site.

    Re WP -v- blogspot, is there definitely an advantage using WP in terms of visibility across the web? i.e. turning up in searches. I've registered with technorati.

    @1tess, what do I do with that code??

  9. @macroland:

    - It's better to upload the images in your blog: linking to images hosted in other sites means slower page load.

    - To have an image link to the full-size original when clicked, you just need to click "File URL" after uploading and before inserting. And you only need to do this once: the uploader will remember your preference.

    - Unfortunately the open-in-a-new-window option is not available when you upload and insert the image. You have to click on the image after inserting it, click the mountain icon that shows up and click Advanced Settings. So it's easier to modify the code in the html post editor instead, by changing this:
    <a href="IMAGE_URL_HERE">
    to this:
    <a href="IMAGE_URL_HERE" target="_blank">

  10. @panaghiotisadam, This sounds good - thank you. I'll have a go at both methods now.

  11. @panaghiotisadam - Success! (see test posts 4 & 5) Thank you very very much for your help.

  12. And yes, there's a HUGE advantage in SEO terms when you use and use tags and categories judiciously. I've never seen anything else like it.

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