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  1. Hello,
    I first made my site with, but than I saw I had the possibility to do that from within Hostgator.
    I recently exported everything I made on and imported in Hostgator.
    But now I wonder if the 'No ads' and font customisation is still possible?
    Kristof Vandecasteele
    Blog url:

  2. If your blog is hosted on hostgator you should not have ads on it unless you have signed up for something to display ads. You can edit your CSS files, php files, etc. so you can customize the font or anything else. You have great power for both good and evil, and no longer have the safety net of the controlled environment of to keep you out of trouble. But the corollary is that you have great freedom.

    The support forum for the version of wordpress that you have on hostgator is at

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