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Hostgator + WordPress

  1. I made the mistake of not realizing that and are not the same thing. On (before the realization), I bought One I realized what I had done, I signed up for a hosting service (hostgator) and changed my nameserver settings on to point to hostgator. This was all Saturday.

    I know it takes 24-72 hours, so that may be the reason it's not live yet. However, when I go to (to see if it still fails), the URL bar says Is that OK? I don't know if that's the domain that I bought or not - I know it shouldn't matter, but some hosts require (I believe) that you setup a redirect. Is this something I need to do - and can do now?

    Also, I received an email from about in order to complete my domain mapping upgrade, I need to update my DNS settings to wordpress FROM hostgator. So, it is seeing that I am using hostgator.

    Do I need to do anything to make this work, or am I just waiting?

    (For reference, I'm going to since I know that page exists.)

  2. You spell your domain name two different ways above - - - is domain mapped to a blog here so you should ask for a refund on the domain mapping since you will not be using it - have you configured your hostgator account properly? spelling the domain name wrong at Hostgator will crash your web site there -

    I have flagged this for the staff to help you

  3. Hi auxclass -

    Typo on my part - thank you for catching that. It is

    I thought that I can just change the nameservers on for this domain to direct them to the hostgator servers?

    Thanks :)

  4. Yes your name servers are pointing to Hostgator - however your Hostgator account needs to be set up properly to "catch" the domain name when the name servers are set to Hostgator - sorry don't remember exactly what needs to be done - the last one I did I just ask my host to fix it - you will need to check at Hostgator to see what needs to be done there -

    good luck

  5. Awesome, I will contact them then. So just to make sure I completely follow - I don't need to cancel my domain name, just make sure Hostgator is looking for it?

  6. Don't cancel your domain name registration - you need that for your Hostgator site to work - you have changed the name servers and that part is fine

    You can cancel your domain mapping since that is what makes a domain name work with a blog here

  7. Gotcha - thanks!

  8. You be welcome & good luck

  9. OK! I have a website!

    How do I cancel the domain mapping?

  10. Great - forward progress

    Try Dashboard >> Store >> see if you can find a cancel button in one of the areas (My Upgrades area) - I can't remember the time frame for canceling domain mapping - I have flagged this for staff attention to help you if you can't find a cancel button

  11. Domain Mapping is part of the Domain Registration package and cannot be canceled separately.

    As long as you have changed the name servers, your domain will direct to hostgator.

  12. Perfect.

    How do I get to stop emailing me about updating my nameservers since they are actually correct in pointing to hostgator? :)

  13. Are you referring to ? If so, it should stop very shortly.

  14. Yup. I've been getting emails the past few days from WordPress upgrades saying:

    Howdy, you recently asked us to activate the domain mapping upgrade to use your domain name as the address of your site

    As explained during the purchase process, the last step requires you to change your domain name DNS settings to use:

  15. Yes, if it doesn't stop within the next few days, please let us know.

    Sorry about that!

  16. Will do - thank you!

  17. You're welcome!

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